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Is your organization tired of selling chocolate for their fundraisers? Selling wrapping paper at Christmas time getting boring? Why not try something different for your fundraiser such as hosting an outdoor or indoor movie night.

What can we do for you...Matt has been involved in creating

fundraisers for numerous organizations over the past decade,

both as a volunteer and Executive Director.  From Children's

Museums, Downtown Organizations, or to Church Groups

he can help you get the word out and raise those needed funds.

Give us a call today, and we can discuss how we can help your

organization succeed.    Fundraisers $150* for 2.5 hours of service

(not including cost of movie - if applicable). Our fundraising service includes the following event assistance: 

Matt will:

  1. Help you put together a plan.
  2. Help organize and teach volunteers how to gain sponsors.
  3. Help you market your event to the public, and even help you design marketing for the event. 
  4. Provide you with a worry-free great night for you and your guests.  

A fundraising event should be:

- Fun and stress free
- Easily raise money for your organization
- Be entertaining and memorable for your audience

Outdoor movie events make great fundraisers for three reasons:

  • Movies appeal to all ages.
  • Outdoor Movie Fundraisers on inflatable movie screens are stress free to organize with the help of Apex Lighting and Sound. 
  • Movie Fundraiser will raise valuable dollars for your charity.

Here are a couple of many different tips you can do at an outdoor movie event to raise money for your organization.

Sell concessions:
Consider selling concessions at during your movie event.  Popular movie snacks include popcorn, candy and soda. 

Dinner Packages:

You could also consider pre-order dinner packages such as

hot dogs or pizza. To do this go ahead and have people sign up for dinner packages before the night of the event so you know how many dinners you’re going to need to order. This way you do not have to worry about ordering too much or too little food.

Silent or Live Auction:
Get local businesses or folks to donate items for the auction. Then, generate some excite before the movie starts and show the items onscreen as you auction them off.

Pre-Movie Time:  Take advantage of this time to sell your organization to the audience.  Let them know how much you appreciate their time and what the goals of your fundraising are, i.e. How much, What it will be used for, Testimonial Video from people/projects, etc.  DJ Matt-Z has worked with numerous non-profits on fundraising over the past decade and can help you get the most out of your night.   


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